What your star sign is like as a sibling
Your astrological chart could impact your relationships more than you think (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Today (April 10) is National Sibling Day, which is the perfect time to examine your brotherly and sisterly relationships.

A glance through the zodiac can help you understand more about what kind of sibling you are, from your worst childhood habits to the best things about having you in the family.

It’s likely your sibling/s know you extremely well and to all extremes. Sibling relationships are our first test of learning to share, care, live with, and understand other people. No doubt there are highs and lows in your memory bank.

Let’s take a look at your astrological sibling personality and see how it matches up.


March 21 to April 20

You are bold, adventurous, brash, easily bored, competitive, and demanding.

There is no doubt your siblings will carry bruised memories of clashes with you over toys, games, roles, chores, clothes, gifts, Easter eggs, dinner portions, sweets, and more besides. You would’ve been pathologically competitive over every little thing – noting what they got that you didn’t and demanding equal share (but conveniently not noticing when you got the lion’s share).

That said, you are also adorable, loving, protective, warm, and very funny. Your siblings will roll their eyes, but also smile broadly, when they think of your shared childhood.

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April 21 to May 21

You are charming, laidback, lazy, controlling, stubborn, smart, and home-loving.

Your siblings might have found you a fair and easygoing companion most of the time but will also remember the rare occasions when you lost it. It takes a lot to get you there (often it’s about people messing with your stuff – nobody better touch your stuff!) but when you get there, your meltdowns are loud, raging, and raw.

You probably enjoyed playing games and doing homely things at home together – baking or crafting. You were a creative playmate.

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May 22 to June 21

You are smart, curious, imaginative, two faced, manipulative, loyal and complex.

You probably ran circles around your siblings, torturing and fascinating them in equal measure. Perhaps they never quite knew which Gemini twin personality they were getting each day, you’d have kept them guessing and on their toes. They would swiftly learn not to bother getting into verbal matches with you.

Although, no one could create a game or fantasy play time out of thin air like you could. Or tell such stories.

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June 22 to July 23

You are loving, secretive, kind, caring, needy, controlling, empathetic and imaginative.

Your siblings would appreciate confiding in you and receiving your sympathies, having someone look after them. But they would also learn that crossing you was never worth the trouble as you would never entirely forgive and forget a grudge, and would usually find a creative way to pay them back.

You would definitely have had your sibling’s back though, standing up for them and helping them out.

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July 24 to August 23

You are proud, confident, loving, passionate, jealous, easily triggered, dramatic, and fun. A big ball of demanding, regal, chaotic energy!

Your siblings probably got used to somewhat living in your shadow (unless they were also Fire signs and then all hell probably broke loose fairly often). You would’ve enjoyed dressing up, play acting, putting on little shows and performances, and expecting a great deal of attention and, yes, applause!

You’d have been loving and protective towards younger or more vulnerable siblings, and probably a little combative and competitive with others

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August 24 to September 23

You are perceptive, pedantic, helpful, caring, analytical, exacting, overthinking, and precise.

No doubt you were the source of all wry observations and corrections for your siblings, letting them know when they got stuff wrong (and delighting in it). You’d have been the super star at school that they had to live up to. You’d have been the super star helper at home that they were probably compared to.

At times, they probably wanted to wring your neck for doing everything so well, so effortlessly, although they would also have appreciated your help, nudges, and homework checks being on call.

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September 24 to October 23

You are charming, diplomatic, analytical, clever, serene, beautiful, and popular.

You would have been the envy of other siblings for making friends/romantic conquests/school grades etc so easily. Your bedroom would’ve been like a luxury hotel room, your wardrobe the envy of your siblings and their classmates, and your looks too.

You would’ve been easy to live with, albeit you have a taste for stirring up a storm and then sitting back to watch the drama unfold. Your siblings no doubt would’ve gotten wise to that trait!

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October 24 to November 22

You are strong, secretive, independent, vengeful, loyal, passionate, ruthless and fascinated by all things dark, scary and gross.

I wonder if you actually terrified your siblings! They certainly would’ve learnt the hard way about crossing you – Scorpios never forgive and will always pay back a slight.

That said, you would stand up for your siblings to the death. You are fiercely protective of those you love. Wednesday Addams is a great example of a Scorpio sibling type!

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November 23 to December 21

You are uncontrollable, clumsy, lovable, wild, philosophical, unfiltered, passionate, and you say whatever the heck enters you mind the minute that it does.

Your siblings would have had many home truths delivered to their faces brutally and without tact… but then you’d have made up later and been great pals again, no one stays mad at you for too long.

If you shared a room, your side would have been a chaotic disaster zone. If you played together, no doubt you got them into some trouble and scrapes! But you are always fun and positive.

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December 22 to January 21

You are determined, resolute, ambitious, materialistic, sarcastic, wry, private, and scornful of silly, fanciful whimsy.

Your siblings probably thought of you as ‘the boss’ and were maybe wary of attracting your scathing putdowns. You are, secretly, super sensitive though and worry a lot about what others think.

Perhaps your siblings are amongst the few who have seen that private, shy, insecure face. They will have always valued your shrewd advice, wise counsel, and authentic interest in their wellbeing.

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January 22 to February 19

You are original, eccentric, super smart, truthful, inventive, visionary, humanitarian, and a little away with the fairies at times.

Your siblings would’ve loved getting you in charge of making up games and ideas of things to do, you never ran dry. They also would’ve had a very fair-minded and honest sibling to rely on. But maybe one who liked their own company a lot too and didn’t always want to be bothered.

You crave space and freedom. Siblings may have felt overwhelming and crowding at times.

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February 20 to March 20

You are loving, kind, empathetic, creative, needy, vulnerable, supportive, and wise.

You have a tendency towards martyrdom so maybe your siblings sometimes walked over you, took you for granted, or bossed you about. Maybe you learnt some hard lessons about sticking up for yourself from them.

You would’ve been a very loving and kind sibling and one who always had ideas and fantasies up their sleeve for maximum entertainment. You are a great mimic, storyteller and entertainer too!

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